New Technology to Disrupt Real Estate

Real estate is about to move into the digital age. Before the internet age buying a house was a major ordeal. With the latest technological advances, finding the perfect pad just got a whole lot easier. These six technological innovations will transform real estate like never before.


1.Smart cities

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There is no question that the movement towards more efficient and inclusive cities makes sense. Smart cities can be categorized by a drive for smart governance, smart economy, smart mobility, and smart living. Smart living is one which is a top priority for a society and can be improved through the use of smart technologies and apps that facilitate responsible lifestyle choices and behavior. Singapore is the thought leader when it comes to designing smart cities as they endeavor to become the world’s first intelligent city. Their Smart Nation project is underway with fiber networks for ultra-high speed internet, 81.3% internet penetration, and energy efficient homes. In many of their estate, they have sensors which measure energy draw, waste production, and water usage—of key importance as Singapore imports tens of billions of water each year.

2.Better data

We live in an age of instant information and data. A real estate agent can receive up to date information directly to his smartphone and then tailor his advertising with personalized data. Big data makes it easy to help and understand your customers. If I am looking for a studio apartment in my area I would welcome suggestions from a company with options that fit my search criteria; if on the other hand, I get an ad for a house on the other side of the city that is a hindrance. Agents and home hunters will be able to enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship in the future.


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Like it or loath it drones are now a part of life. Drones will give us never before seen aerial photos of properties and the surrounding areas. You will be free to zoom around the neighborhood and get an eagle eye view of the catchment area. For developers, they are the perfect marketing companion. For commercial sales, drone videos and photos are essential.

4.Beacon technology

The ‘for sale’ sign enters the digital age with embedded microchips and transmitters that can detect buyers using an app. Potential buyers can get a quick overview of a property without setting up an appointment. Estate agents will get personal information about the buyer in return. Agents who do not adopt beacon technology will be left behind.

5.Smart homes

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The internet of things has promised to revolutionize our world. But let it start with the home first. Smart lights are a thing, with smart bulbs that can change color, dim, or turn on at certain times of the day, and react to different events. Imagine the lights of your house turning red when your car enters the driveway to welcome you home. Or lights that always turn off as soon as your car leaves the drive. Voice enabled speakers are a nice way to control the music around your house just by speaking. Alexa, play some ACDC while I make the dinner, thanks.


Smart thermostats will adjust to your daily routine and automatically adjust your home heating to reach the maximum energy efficiency. Once you’ve got it up and running it will learn your day-to-day habits and preempt your behavior. The days of arriving home to a cold house are numbered.