Fast Growing Property Platform Reaches Key Milestone

Unprecedented 250 thousand listings in January

Property platform Lamudi launched in April 2014 and has since gone from strength to strength, offering a variety of properties from land and apartments to commercial space. The company has signalled its intent to become one of the market leaders in Indonesia.

The property portal gives an opportunity for prospective buyers or renters of property to have full transparency in the market. With a few clicks of a button someone interested in real estate can compare thousands of properties, 250 thousand as of this month and that number continues to grow, an almost 70 percent increase in just one year.

“What separates Lamudi from close competitors is the unique interface of the website”, managing director Steven Ghoos said. When someone wants to compare a two bedroom in Jakarta Selatan with a similar place in Jakarta Barat, they can now do that with ease”

Mr Ghoos went on to say “the sheer number of listings on the website means that there is something for everyone, whether you are looking to buy a hotel in Bali or rent an apartment in Banten.”

Lamudi has teamed up with and partnered with 5,000 different agents throughout Indonesia, a contributing factor in the fast expansion. “As Lamudi becomes a household name agents are happy to come onboard and this is a win-win for both parties and the customer.” commented Mr Ghoos.

The fact that the Lamudi app has now been downloaded by thousands of people has been a major boon to the modern day real estate prospector. With time being of the essence, people can view on their smartphone while coming and going to work. Gone are the days when viewing property was restricted to when you are at home on your desktop.