Decorating your Home for Ramadan

Ramadan will soon be upon the Muslim world – find out how to decorate to celebrate!


With the annual fast beginning on Sunday, the 4th of June, now is a good time to start preparing your house. Bright, summery colours are the way to go. Lamudi are here to help you with some decoration tips.


You might be wondering:

How can I create a unique home environment to celebrate the occasion. One fantastic way to make your home shine brightly for Ramadan, on a summer evening, is to create beautiful paper lanterns. You might want to depict your local Mosque or the star and crescent symbol inside the paper lantern and project the image on a wall at an evening Ramadan party, for example. The soft light from a lantern adds warmth to any room. Colourful paper table decorations are also an excellent way to bring some extra vibrancy to your home during the celebrations.


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When it comes to a colour scheme for your home decor, the colour scheme you should choose really depends on the mood you want to create in your home for Ramadan. Avoid black and dark colours at this joyful time. Ramadan is all about celebrating strength and determination in the family and congratulating those who are fasting for resisting the temptation to eat during daylight hours.



So what colours work?

Warm, bright and cheerful colours are definitely your best bet at this time of year. Reds, oranges, purples and greens are great colours for Ramadan. There is always a place for gold and glitter at such a joyous celebration, so don’t shy away from a bit of sparkle!


Kemang is the ideal place for decoration shopping


It’s a wonderful idea to decorate the mantelpiece in your living room for Ramadan with a banner wishing everyone in your home a “Ramadan Kareem” (literally, Generous Ramadan). This will remind people to give thanks for the blessings in their lives. About 10 days before Eid begins, you might want to take down the “Ramadan Kareem” banner and take the decorations up a notch. Add more glitter and sparkle to your home! Multi-coloured string lights are an excellent way of taking your decorations to the next level. You could even replace your banner with a set of colourful string lanterns on the mantelpiece.


Want to know the best part:

Children can get involved in Ramadan decorating too. Children are incredibly imaginative and love making paper lanterns. You can create your own traditions with children, and they can help make the celebrations even more joyous.


Wishing you strength in your fasting from the team here at Lamudi – Ramadan Kareem!


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