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Jl. Waturenggong Gg 1 F Denpasar, Bali
About me : I am originally from Bali Island, I have earned a senior high school in SMAK HARAPAN DENPASAR after studying for 3-year programs, ; I am fluent in Indonesian and English. I learn Real Estate by autodidact

I enjoy being a Real Estate agent because I like working with people. Seeing a person or a family getting their own warm place to live brings me so much joy. I always feel great helping people get what they need.

I have a number of years of experience and high reputation of professional and ethical standards and for its unequalled knowledge of the Bali real estate market.

I understand and have knowledge about law and regulations related to real estate in a buying & selling, renting luxury villas, Hotels for sale, apartment, Villa for rent short terms and long lease.

And for all first investors or those looking to get their hands on a beautiful home in Bali and need me to recommend any legal advice, I am here and happy to help you to smooth out your property transaction in Bali.

I believe in doing quality work and place high emphasis on loyalty, honesty and dedication to my clients. I am also relentless and I always deliver results. I would love to help you with your next move.
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