About Lamudi


Lamudi is an online real estate platform that offers sellers, buyers, and renters a secure and easy-to-use way to find or list properties online.

Our mission is to provide all Indonesians the most trustworthy and reliable way to find their dream home.

Our means of achieving this is to empower property developers and real estate agents with the best technology tools that support them in their daily business. In 2019 our tools are used by tens of thousands of businesses, from small businesses to the largest property developers in Indonesia.

This could be your next dream company to work for because..


You Will Feel Empowered

Our company grows at Rocket speed! With this growth, there are many opportunities to take on new exciting challenges and show what you are made of!

We Think Global

As a multinational company and a true Rocket Internet baby, we learn from all the other countries we operate in. This international exposure allows you to learn from the best, opening up a world of opportunities.

This is a Place of Growth

Our team consists of game-changers who enjoy taking initiative, and responsibility for the work we do. If you stand out because of your skills, ambition and awesome teamwork, the possibilities to grow with our company are endless!

A Haven For Millennials

Many of our clients aim to do marketing for millennials. With Lamudi they get to do marketing with millennials. Lamudi is a true millennial company: not only is our office just too gorgeous to be true, our average age is 26. This means we understand each other very well, and we are all making this growth happen together.

Our Core Values


Always Improving

No one stops learning because no one knows everything, whatever your position in the team is. This means that we have to continuously learn - and be open to change - in order to improve ourselves. We move fast, how it is done today will most likely be different with how it is done tomorrow.

Be an Owner

We are all owners of the company; and we deeply care about what we own. Go the extra mile, even if it is not necessarily within your own job or team. When we see something that can be improved, we take action to fix it, not just point out what is wrong.

There is No Me in Company

We are all in this together. All results are achieved through teamwork. We all need to set our egos aside to find the best outcome for the company.

We Add Value

In Lamudi every team member contributes to the success of the company, so all add value to Lamudi. On top, we care deeply about the results we obtain for our customers.

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